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Genus ABS Clients get 25% off all self-locking yokes

We have partnered with cattle AI specialists Genus ABS to offer 25% off all self-locking yokes to their clients

Genus ABS are world leaders in bovine genetics, and their ABS Global division specialise in cattle reproduction services - the supply of semen and embryos and performing artificial insemination to your herd. From breeding elite bulls, to sexing the semen they sell increasing the probability of female calves, to the technical support for the farmer maximising the performance of the animals bred, Genus ABS provide a complete service for the farmer and their herd.

Every area of the UK has a dedicated team devoted to supporting their clients, helping each individual farmer maintain the highest standards of reproductive health among their herd – both in the moment whenever an animal needs support, as well as in the planning stage to maximise future productivity.

To ensure the safety of both livestock and worker, Genus ABS always recommend the use of self-locking yokes to perform AI. Using self-locking yokes is more efficient and requires less capital expenditure than crushes and is far safer than using a standard feed fence.

As a supplier of self-locking yokes, we have partnered with Genus ABS to supply them to their clients at a preferential rate, helping their clients kit-out their livestock buildings with the right equipment to perform AI both quickly and safely. The result of our partnership is that all current Genus ABS clients get 25% off our range of self-locking yokes.

We offer a range of Agritubel self-locking yokes, for bulls, calves and, most importantly - heifers, as well as offering our own brand yokes, designed in consultation with local farmers and made in our own factory.

Find them all below:

The easiest way to claim your 25% Genus ABS Client discount for self-locking yokes is to place your order direct with our sales team – contact them by phoning 01576 204 963, emailing sales@farmfituk.com, or filling out the form below:

Contact form

Terms & Conditions

Genus ABS customer status

You must be a current (not previous, not expired, not using another supplier) customer of Genus ABS.

Confirmation of Genus ABS customer status

We will contact Genus ABS to confirm you are a current customer of theirs; we will not be able to give you the discount without this verification.

FarmFit customer status

This offer is available to all FarmFit customers, both new, returning, and account holders, but is dependant on Genus ABS customer status.

How to place your order

Due to the unautomatable nature of the verification stage of this discount, we are currently not able to offer it at the checkout stage of our online store.

We recommend you to place your order over the phone by calling our sales team on 01576 204 963, as this is the easiest and quickest method.

If you have placed an other through our online store and believe that this discount can be applied, please contact our sales team by calling 01576 204 963 or by emailing sales@farmfituk.com, and they will verify your Genus ABS customer status and process a refund of the discount amount if applicable.

Products covered by discount

This discount only applies to Agritubel Fiabilis, Securit, Calf, and Bull self-locking yokes, as well as our own FarmFit self-locking yoke.

It only applies to the complete unit, and not to any spares or accessories.

It only applies to the supply of these products, not to delivery, fitting, or installation of these products.

Combining discounts

This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

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