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Did you know that we can design and build your ideal stable setup?

Whether you've an existing building that you'd like to convert or whether you're starting from scratch, we can design and build your perfect stable block

Here's how it works

Tell us what you want

Discuss your requirements with our team

We'll design your stables

Our experienced design team will create a layout for you to sign off

We'll make your stables

Our factories will make everything you need to our exacting standards

We'll install your stables

Our in-house installation teams will fit out your setup

Your horses can move in

A comfy horse is a happy horse

While the majority of our product offering is geared towards the regular agricultural industry – dairy farms, sheep farms, and so on – we know how great a role the equestrian sector plays in the countryside. After all, we’re based in rural Scotland, and a significant portion of our staff either keep their own horses or regularly ride on horseback. We also know that many farms have diversified their income by branching out and letting a few fields to people to keep horses in, and many people choose country properties on large plots of land specifically to keep their own horses. But like dairy cattle, horses need a roof over their heads, especially during the winter months – and that’s where we come in.

As we build and fit out agricultural buildings for livestock, we have turned our skills to stable design, manufacture, and install – and as well as the internals, we can build the structure they’re going in too.

The Process

Tell us what you want

We’ll set up a consultation with our design team so you can tell us exactly what you want in your new stable area – from the number of stables themselves, to the extra utility rooms you need (wash room, tack room, etc), right down to the style of the finishings you want. We can come out to your site* to ensure we have a perfect understanding of what you want and need, as well as any other factors that might come in the equation, such as existing buildings or equipment, or the access to pasture.

We’ll design your stables

Using all the information we receive – everything you tell us, all we find in our visits, and everything experience has taught us – we’ll draw up the plans to make your ideas into reality. And it’s not just 2D drawings – we’ll provide you with 3D renders and can even walk-throughs of the stable layout*. We find this is important as it really helps you understand how you’ll use the stables in reality, and allows you to make any changes if you spot something that you’d prefer different.

We’ll make your stables

Once the plans are signed off, our factory will get to work making them. Whether you’ve just ordered internals or have chosen an entire new building, our experienced team will ensure that every element is manufactured to our exacting standard.

We’ll install our stables

All our equipment comes as kits, so you can choose to put it together yourself – but why go to all that effort when we have another experienced team, this time comprised of a full range of trades, that can do it all for you. From laying a concrete base (if needed), to erecting the building and fitting the internals inside, our teams will leave you with nothing more to do than…

Move your horses in to their new home!

Here's a selection of some of our previous Stables projects:

A Project In Shetland

We were approached by an equestrian enthusiast based in Shetland looking for, basically, some flat-pack stables to quickly be erected in an existing building. The customer had existing survey measurements for the building, so we were able to quickly design a layout to their specifications. We were tasked with fitting four individual stables in two different sizes into the building, while still allowing easy access for both horse and worker, and this is the layout we arrived at. With a galvanised steel frame and Plaswood infills in a dark green colour, these stables are sure to survive the harsh environment in Shetland for many years to come.

We assembled them in our yard for a test before sending them to the other end of the country!

Technical details

While your stable will be unique, here’s a few elements we’ve successfully used in previous projects and would recommend you consider for your own stables:

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Individual Stables

As standard, highly durable kicking boards are fitted in all pens. We use an eco-friendly recycled plastic wood-look board called Plaswood – not because it’s greener or cheaper, but because it’s better. Slightly elastic, it will “give” slightly if kicked, preventing the board from breaking or splitting and more importantly, helping reduce the risk of injury to your horse.

Furthermore as it is plastic rather than wood, it is also completely moisture resistant, making cleaning easier and vastly increasing the hygiene of the area your horse will spend the most time.

We use galvanised steel box section to create the frames of your stables, with any “grills” made from 10mm galvanised steel bars; from the knowledge gained from making agricultural equipment, we can attest that this is both the best and the safest material to use, more durable and hygienic than wood. All bolts and fittings used have a bright zinc plated (BZP) finish, again rendering them extremely durable as well as adding visual accents wherever they’re used.


All doors are designed and constructed by the same teams that make most of our bull handling equipment, so you know they’ll easily deal with the most badly tempered horses. Comprising galvanised steel frames which are resistant to chewing and filled with the same heavy duty Plaswood as the stables themselves, foot-operated kick bolts fitted as standard, and with a wide selection of anti-weave add-ons to choose from, the doors we supply tick all the boxes you’ll have.

Eating & Drinking Equipment

From custom-designed Hay Racks to a wide selection of water bowls from livestock specialist La Buvette, we make our livelihood from ensuring livestock can feed or drink safely, efficiently, and hygienically, so we know what works.

One of the most important elements of a stable, our team will discuss this in detail with you to ensure that the end result suits both you and your horse, ensuring easy access to fill, clean, and (for the horse) to use the equipment.

Mats & Bedding Areas

Laying rubber mats in your stables is like adding a secret ingredient to your cooking – there are many and surprising benefits just from laying a simple rubber mat!

In the stable area is most important. The most obvious is comfort for your horse when laying down – a rubber mat is like adding an extra layer of bedding, reducing the risk of injury from contact with a concrete floor. They can cut down on the amount of bedding used – as the mats adds an extra layer, you can reduce the amount of hay or shavings you lay by (on average) a third. That’ll save you time – less bedding used means less time spent mucking out! There’s warmth – the mat acts as an insulating layer, keeping your horse warm in winter. There’s protection – the textured surface of the mats we use provides more grip than concrete, which can help prevent slips and falls (both for the human and the horse). And there’s cleaning – it’s much easier to brush out even wet bedding from on top of a rubber mat than from on rough, damp, concrete. Finally, if you choose the deluxe Bonded & Sealed Rubber Matting option, then the mats are installed and permanently sealed to your floor, completely preventing urine, bedding, and dirt, from getting under the mat, ensuring an easily cleaned and more hygienic stable for years to come.

Outwith the stable area, mats are still important – they offer all the benefits listed above, though the cleaning and safety aspects take precedence over the laying comfort.

Windows & External Doors

Windows let in natural light and can aid in ventilation as well - however glass can present a risk to your horse.

As you can imagine there is always a risk, however small, or breakage with glass windows. No matter whether you use plate glass or toughened glass, if it breaks there's a chance your horse will get curious - and broken glass is sharp, so injuries could occur.

To prevent this, we only use perspex to glaze our windows. This is much harder to break, and if it does it stays in large pieces (harder to ingest) and is much less sharp at the edges, helping prevent any cuts.

External doors - there's almost too much variety to list here! Hinged or sliding, sheeted or glazed, spring bolts or latches - whatever your preferences, our team will work with you to ensure that your doors are exactly what you want.


Ventilation is incredibly important for maintaining your horses’ health – but not just any ventilation, too much can be just as troublesome as not enough. Ensuring you have the right amount of ventilation – an amount that will vary throughout the year – is critical to preventing such issues as respiratory infections or dust allergies.

Our design team takes full account of the ventilation through your building when creating your new layout, from the direction of the prevailing wind to the effect the roof pitch and space has on the air movement within your building. We’ll supply and fit windows, adjustable wall vents, and vents in your roof and roof ridge as needed.

Tack & Other Equipment Rooms

Keeping horses isn’t as simple as keeping a dog or cat – they require a lot of equipment to care for them properly, and even more to enjoy riding them. From bedding and feed to your saddles and blankets, each item needs its’ own dedicated storage space. Not only that, each item has different storage needs – feed is required to be kept dry and vermin free, while saddles and blankets may need to be dried after use. It’s also about security – some of these items, such as bridles and saddles, aren’t cheap so they need to be kept securely.

Depending on your available space, our team can create a complete suite of storage rooms suitable for the different items you use when caring for your horse. From feed and bedding storage areas with easy access for vehicles to tack storage areas close to where you dress your horse, we’ll design a space that ensures all items are convenient and close-to-hand, making caring for your horse as easy as it can be.

Wash Rooms

Horses need to be washed regularly to help keep them in good health, and they especially need to be washed after a good run!

All buildings can be supplied with a wash room, and all wash rooms are supplied as standard with multiple tie points and a centralised drainage channel, with all fittings made of corrosion-resistant galvanised-, zinc-plated, or chromed- steel. Any walls are filled with 100% moisture resistant recycled Plaswood, and any further options are up to you. Do you use hot water, or require a solarium to help dry your horse? Tell our team as they design your new stables to create your ideal wash room.

Building Frame

Although stable buildings are generally smaller than cow sheds and other agricultural buildings, we use the same materials – heavy duty H-section steel frames with 3” thick timber roof purlins. Tried and tested, we've been building them for over a decade and every one is still standing.

Exterior cladding

As standard, we use steel box profile sheets. You can choose from a variety of colours and finishes, allowing you to customise your building to perfectly fit your surroundings.

Furthermore, this cladding is available with insulation. As well as keeping your building warmer in the winter, it can help reduce both echoes inside the building and the intrusion of noise from outside – helping your horse keep more calm, which makes them easier to handle.


We offer two different roofing solutions:

Box profile steel sheets. Like the wall cladding, this is available in a range of colours and finishes, and like the wall cladding it is available with insulation. Unlike the wall cladding, it is also available with a unique Dr!pstop anti-condensation backing; this is an unwoven fabric lining to the sheet which absorbs moisture as the temperature falls, such as in an evening, releasing it in a controlled manner as the temperature rises. This prevents drips forming and helps eliminate those wet spots where the drips find their way to the ground. This backing also helps reduce echoes within the building and offers a limited amount of insulation.

Fibre cement roof sheets. These offer a more cost-effective roofing solution to the box profile steel sheets but are only available in grey cement colour as standard – a small range of other colours is available as an upgrade if needed. Inherent to the material they are made of they offer a limited amount of anti-condensation protection, and unlike the box profile steel sheets they can also reduce echoes within the building without any added extras.

Roof Lights & Natural Lighting

Natural lighting makes any building more pleasant to be in – and it’s good for your horse too, helping them keep to the natural rhythms of the day. It also reduces the need for electric lighting, helping keep your bills lower.

Whichever roofing solution you choose, we can supply opaque skylight sheets, allowing natural light to enter the building while also filtering out harmful UV rays. If you choose box profile steel roof sheets, insulated skylights are available, which will help keep your building warm in the winter months. Our design team will work with you to ensure the right number of skylights are present in your building to let in the right amount of light – enough to work in from dawn until dusk, but not blindingly bright when the sun is at full strength! We’ll also work with you to ensure they’re in the correct locations so there are no dark corners for dirt to gather in.

As well as skylights, any windows you order can be filled with clear Perspex (glass is a safety issue in stable buildings), further enhancing the natural light entering your building.

Want to know more?

Contact our team to start the process, or just to find out more – we’re available on 01576 204 963, by email at sales@farmfituk.com, or complete the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can:

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