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Agritubel Fiabilis Self Locking Yoke

Agritubel Fiabilis Self Locking Yoke

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Introducing the Agritubel Fiabilis Self-Locking Yoke, with an innovative three-position head lock.

The triangular design of the static part of the head lock creates two passage areas for the cow's head. Depending on its position and locking,the pendulum determines the three possible head lock positions:

Icon of the Fiabilis Yoke in the V position Icon of the Fiabilis Yoke in the I position Icon of the Fiabilis Yoke in the A position

“V” entry position

This is the natural position at which the pendulum returns to equilibrium. It invites the cows to feed by passing their head through the top.

“I” closed position

Locked is the position that blocks the animal at the feed table. It lets the animal move the pendulum aside by the top or bottom.

Self-service position and “A” clearance

The pendulum moves away to the side and opens wide at the bottom to facilitate the animal’s release.

The head lock that does more

The 3rd position has two new benefits compared to a conventional head lock:

Freedom to feed

Cows can feed freely in front, to the right and to the left, without being stressed by restraint. The farmer gets a better ration intake, which is the base for zootechnical performance.

Choke limiter

Cows that fall cannot have their head jammed like in a funnel.
The "A" position facilitates the animal’s exit through the bottom part.

Central control with return preventer safety feature

100% blocking, with mechanical parts inaccessible to the animals, for the farmer's peace of mind. Once the animals are blocked at the trough, the farmer has complete freedom to enter the cowshed safely, to put down straw, clean, inspect or care for the cows.

Individual cow blocking

The locking design lets farmers easily unlock the panel collectively or individually for each animal.

Top-end design

Fiabilis has all the most modern technical advantages as standard: noise-reducing polymer shock absorbers, silent sliding shaft locking systems and a ringed joint reinforced using flow-drilling (a patented AGRITUBEL process).

  • Model manufactured using Ø 60.3mm and Ø 42.4mm tubes
  • Top locking using a built-in sliding shaft
  • Pendulum articulation ringed and reinforced using flow-drilling
  • Individual locking of each position
  • Length adjustment using stands at ends of the panels
  • 3-position operation
  • “V” entry, "I" lock, "A" clearance and self-service
  • Automatic pendulum return
  • Head blocking feature
  • Automatic feeder collar safety
  • Noise damper
  • Central reinforcement tube as standard on 5m & 6m panels


Please note that while these yokes are sold as 1000mm, 1600mm, etc, this is the space they are designed to fit, not the actual length of the yoke - space is left for the end brackets. The actual length of the yoke is detailed below:

Small image of the Fiabilis yoke with a length line (A) from one end to the other
 CodeDescribed widthHead spaces*Max neck widthActual width A
(see diagram)
 To suit 10' bays
 To suit 15' bays
 8688154550mm7 (12-18m)205mm4300mm
 To suit 20' bays
 8688046000mm9 (18-24m)255mm5740mm
 8688056000mm10 (8-12m)185mm5740mm
 Other sizes
 8688144720mm7 (18-24m)255mm4500mm
 8688025000mm8 (18-24m)205mm4740mm
 8688305000mm9 (18-24m)188mm4740mm

* Suggested livestock age in months is shown if not adult; this is the manufacturer's recommendation and your livestock may be different.

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