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Agritubel Securit Self Locking Yoke

Agritubel Securit Self Locking Yoke

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With more space per linear metre, this head lock has a benefit in terms of profitability when equipping buildings reserved for young cows, which do not justify the same level of investment as high-productivity cows. It allows a higher load.


The heifers will be able to learn the entry/exit movement and experience the head locks before moving to the productive building fitted with adult head locks. It guarantees peace of mind and therefore safety for both the cows and the breeder.

  • Locking from the top using a built-in pin
  • Model manufactured using Ø 60 and Ø 42 tubes
  • Clamp-adjustable collar
  • Built-in ring on the hinge
  • Individual locking of each place
  • Length adjustment using bracket at the end of the panels
  • Sound buffer
  • Head blocking
  • Shipped with central stiffener on 5 and 6 metre panels


Please note that while these yokes are sold as 1000mm, 1600mm, etc, this is the space they are designed to fit, not the actual length of the yoke - space is left for the end brackets. The actual length of the yoke is detailed below:

Small image of the Securit yoke with a length line (A) from one end to the other
 CodeDescribed widthHead spaces*Max neck widthActual width A
(see diagram)
 To suit 10' bays
 To suit 20' bays
 8660076000mm9 (18-24m)200mm5740mm
 8660086000mm10 (8-12m)170mm5740mm
 8660096000mm12 (8-12m)140mm5740mm
 Other sizes
 8600583600mm6 (12-18m)200mm3340mm
 8660124000mm7 (12-18m)150mm3740mm
 8660134000mm8 (2-6m)140mm3740mm
 8660035000mm8 (18-24m)180mm4740mm
 8660045000mm9 (18-24m)160mm4740mm
 8660055000mm10 (18-24m)150mm4740mm

* Suggested livestock age in months is shown if not adult; this is the manufacturer's recommendation and your livestock may be different.

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