Collection: Seeland

Scandinavian design and quality materials are the key ingredients in Seeland gear. Because with great gear you can venture into new territories, fearlessly face any challenges, and seize the opportunities that make for memories worth having. Seeland is for more than hunting.

At Seeland, they want to empower the natural curiosity that resides within all of us. Exploring the world and being a part of nature, an active participant, is at the core of the hunting tradition and something they never want to stray far from.

When they started making clothes in 1987, our goal quickly became to make great affordable and high functioning hunting clothes. Designing clothes that are multipurpose and that are useful and accessible to both the experienced hunter and someone who’s just starting out. Being able to try new things and enjoy the wilderness without breaking your bank is part of what keeps us exploring.

Be prepared to meet nature’s challenges and seize those moments that become remarkable memories. With Seeland, anything is possible.