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Desktop header of a Galebreaker VVS installation

Galebreaker Agri Screens & Sidings Systems

Fabric Screens for Barn Sidings

Let the wind through - but not the rain

Choose from heavy-duty windbreak netting, cladding mesh, and fast-fit clip-on screens and panels to meet your specific needs and requirements. Galebreaker Agri's easy-to-fit clip-on systems provide flexible weather protection and ventilation for livestock buildings, storage facilities, and hay/straw storage. These versatile solutions cater to infrequent access, seasonal crop management, and fixed ventilation in livestock buildings. With our weather protection solutions, you can ensure the well-being, health, and productivity of your livestock, while achieving Farm Assured standards. Experience efficient protection, optimal lighting, and natural airflow with our industry-leading weather protection solutions.

A Galebreaker Bayscreen installation, this one featuring a super cute Highland cow!

Galebreaker Agri Screens & Sidings


The Galebreaker Agri Bayscreen is the market leader for fast fit, long lasting, weather protection. Easy to install and fully adjustable, able to fit all openings. With no drilling or bolting required and no additional supports necessary, its built-in ratchet tensioning system allows for permanent or temporary weather protection as well as superior ventilation over traditional means.

  • Maximum width - 20m
  • Maximum height - 3m
  • Easily installed and fully adjustable to fit available opening
  • No drilling or bolting required
  • No additional supports necessary
  • Fit one above another to reach any height
  • Ideal for infrequent access, seasonal use, livestock buildings, and hay/straw storage buildings.
  • Provides ventilation
  • Tear and rot proof
  • Robust hooks and ratchets included
  • Range of colours
  • Optional sliding track or trapezium shape
A Galebreaker Rollerscreen installation

Galebreaker Agri Screens & Sidings


The Galebreaker Agri Rollerscreen system is a spring-operated windbreak allowing for variable ventilation as well as weather protection. Designed to fit above gates, lower walls and feed barriers, Rollerscreen provides fast access to sheds and feed passages, and fully adjustable to fit any opening.

Market leader for over 30 years, the Galebreaker Agri Rollerscreen is the UK’s best selling spring operated roller screen system. Designed and delivered in kit form for maximum ease of installation on farm.

  • Maximum Width – 6m
  • Maximum Height – 4.1m
  • System tested to 10,000 operations
  • Locking mechanism for stability
  • Fully adjustable to fit available opening
  • Secure even in high winds
  • Operational in poor weather conditions
  • Rope pull which slides out of the way for unrestricted access
  • Complies with EC door directive EN-13241
  • 10 year guarantee
Galebreaker FarmFlex used in place of Yorkshire Boarding

Galebreaker Agri Screens & Sidings


Galebreaker Agri mesh material is available off-the-roll for a wide range of applications.

A DIY screening solution providing fixed systems for weather protection and ventilation in agricultural buildings. A superior and lower cost alternative to Yorkshire boarding and space boarding. The ideal sheet material for DIY windbreakers or side cladding.

A Galebreaker Multibay installation

Galebreaker Agri Screens & Sidings


Multibay is Galebreaker Agri’s electric, rolling agricultural barn door system, providing access, ventilation and weather protection to multiple bays in a single run.

It has a safety lutch included to meet the EC door directive, unique locking catches, and it has different fabric and colours options available to help maximise air circulation for livestock.

  • Maximum Width – 70m
  • Maximum Height – 6m

Galebreaker Agri Screens & Sidings


Trackscreen is Galebreaker Agri’s sliding curtain barn door system, which runs on overhead tracking and provides weather protection and ventilation for farm buildings with wide openings. Allowing for the full access height to be maintained, and with an additional sliding post option available to allow access from both ends, it does not require any ground fixing and complies with EC door directive EN-13241. It is suitable for grain storage, feed stores, livestock buildings and general purpose agricultural buildings.

  • Full access height maintained
  • Additional sliding post option allows access from both ends
  • No ground fixing required
  • Maximum width - 20m
  • Maximum height - 5m

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