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SuperKombi Modular Interlocking Footbath

SuperKombi Modular Interlocking Footbath

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The SuperKombi Modular Interlocking Footbath is an ideal solution for use throughout your sheds.

Interlocking both along the length - ideal for consecutive sequences of feet treatments - and the width, which is perfect then the footbath needs to span an entranceway to your building. Specially designed anchor points make a secure connection between footbaths quick and easy!

The new design of base profile ensures optimal traction for the livestock passing through - with no skids and slips, the animal walks through more slowly and calmly, ensuring longer contact with the footbath liquid, achieving a better result. Furthermore, the shape and height of the profile ensures that the cow's hoof is spread slightly, allowing the hoof bath to reach between pads, cleaning difficult-to-reach areas more effectively.

Fill level lines help with dosing of hoof medicines.

Made of high-impact polyethylene for resistance to abrasions and chemicals; suitable for use with all types of hoof bath solution.

  • Ideal to be used in coupled trays to separate pre-wash, pre-disinfection, and disinfection baths
  • Anti-slip tread on the bottom does not prevent the liquid from circulating
  • Immersion depth sufficient to treat the entire hoof
  • Tongue and groove connections at each end of the footbath to firmly maintain the line of baths in place as the animals walk through them
  • Stackable for storage
  • The connections between the baths slow the animals down optimising product effectiveness
Dimensions Metric Imperial
Length 2030mm 6'8"
Width 830mm 2'9"
Height 185mm 7¼"
Maximum capacity 200 Litres 44 gallons
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