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Galebreaker Agri Automated Control Systems

Computer Control for your Cattle

Take a task off your to do list - with these advanced Automated Control Systems from Galebreaker Agri, you can leave the control of your building's ventilations to a computer while you get on with the rest of the jobs you've got!

Galebreaker Agri make two lines of automated control systems to complement their ventilation products. The iSeries is the most advanced automation system in the sector, offering in-app control over every aspect of your building's ventilation, while the VentLogic V40 will control your VVS and your VentTube to a range of pre-set programmes based on input from a wide range of sensors. Read on to find out more.

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Galebreaker Agri Automated Control Systems

VentLogic iSeries

The VentLogic iSeries is an unprecedented leap in smart farm building control, designed to provide the optimal conditions for livestock health and growth. Powered by intelligent automation, the iSeries responds in real-time to changes in weather and environmental conditions to ensure the highest levels of productivity and animal wellbeing.

The iSeries is composed of five core elements. Operating together, they offer you a comprehensive and holistic view of your farm.

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iSeries Sensors

Full range of sensors, including wireless sensors, enabling you to optimise your building. Capture valuable data, including wind speed, temperature, ammonia and CO

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iSeries Controller

Integrate multiple buildings and monitoring systems. iSeries has a broad plug and play compatibility allowing you to integrate with third party products. Add buildings or zones in the future as you grow.

Icons representing the control subjects of the Galebreaker iSeries

iSeries Monitor and Control Devices

Allowing for automatic control of VVS side curtains, Fans, Doors, Lighting, VentTubes and more.

Mockup of the Galebreaker iSeries app

iSeries App

See real time information from each zone on your mobile device or tablet. Optimise multiple building environments according to weather conditions and the needs of your livestock.

Mockup of the reports & analytics the Galbreaker iSeries can give you

iSeries Reports and Analysis

Get comprehensive reports on system and building performance, enabling you to make clear and consistent improvements to farm conditions.

Graphic detailing the benefits of the Galebreaker VentLogic system

Optimise your livestock environments

iSeries enables you to change building settings remotely from the app; ensuring your animals thrive whilst delivering the highest level of productivity.

Stay ahead, save time & reduce costs

Wherever you are iSeries will keep you informed of changes to your building systems, enabling you to remotely monitor live data on the internal climate and status of key equipment.

Future-proof your farm

The iSeries network has been designed to continuously evolve and grow with other farm building technologies. The modular network is installed via a series of simple wired connections, making it easy to change or add systems to the network.

The Galebreaker Ventlogic controller module in situ - it looks to be switched off though!

Galebreaker Agri Automated Control Systems

VentLogic V40

The VentLogic V40 is designed for full automation of electrically operated side curtain systems. VVS curtain positioning is completely controlled by temperature, wind speed, wind direction and rain sensors to ensure that the climate within the building is continually optimised. One V40 can control up to four openings and each opening can have different parameter settings for total flexibility.

  • Pulse-Pause and emergency stop safety features
  • In addition to the curtain operation, two auxiliary systems can be activated if temperature thresholds are reached
  • Suitable for use with electrically operated VVS Systems
  • Designed to operate a Galebreaker Agri ventilation system automatically in response to signals from environmental sensors
  • Controls the ventilation system in a safe and controlled manner without the operator in attendance
  • Does not require feedback from a potentiometer fitted to the drive motor

The Galebreaker Agri Automated Control Systems are suitable for use with:

Slightly abstract shot looking along a Galebreaker VVS installation

Variable Ventilation System

Designed to be the ultimate in natural building ventilation, this barn siding system can presicely control the airflow in to and out of a building.

Find out more here

Galebreaker Venttube installed above cattle feed barriers


VentTube ventilation systems provide fresh, clean air exchanges to ensure the best possible environment for health and welfare.

Find out more here

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