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Desktop header image of silage clamps, covered by Galebreaker SilaCovers

Galebreaker Agri Silage Cover Systems

Secure your silage against birds & mammals

Heavy duty sheets to cover your silage, and using optional Sila-Bags means No More Tyres!

Tough silage protection for maize & grass silage. Galebreaker Agri sheets negate the need for tyres and reduces spoilage due to the systems ability to drive out aerobic fermentation from the silage clamp.

A stack of hay bales, covered by some Galebreaker fabric coverings

Galebreaker Agri Silage Cover Systems


Galebreaker Agri silage covers provide protection for grass and maize silage from birds, rodents and other animals. Designed to withstand the stresses of the agricultural environment, they are made using heavy duty (300g/m2) woven polyethylene and have hemmed edges to offer long-lasting protection and minimise spoilage. Easy to use and install, they eliminate the need for tyres and come with a 10-year guarantee.

  • Woven polyethylene with hemmed edges
  • Reduces spoilage
  • Protects polythene under-sheet
  • Bag fixing loops as standard

Available in sizes up to 25m x 12m, suitable for even the largest silage clamps.

A proud gentleman standing atop his Galebreaker Silacover-covered silage

Silage Sheets

Galebreaker Agri’s silage sheets are made from extremely strong 300g/m2 woven polyethylene material. The edges are hemmed and the sheets have bag-fixing loops woven in to the fabric, ready to easily accept the hooks for Galebreaker Agri’s silage bags. The material is closely woven and very strong (it has approximately twice the breaking strength of knitted HDPE of the same weight). It is also very flexible and moulds well to the silage. The close weave and hardwearing properties prevent birds and rodents from being able to peck or scratch through the sheet to get to and spoil areas of the protected silage. Each silage sheet comes with a 10-year guarantee.

This image shows how the Galebreaker SilaBags are used


Galebreaker Agri’s Sila-bags are made from the same super-strong woven polyethylene material as the silage sheets and can be easily attached using the hooks that are supplied as standard. Sila-bags should be placed all around the edges, across joins and at intervals across the width of the clamp. Once fixed, Galebreaker Agri’s gravel bags stay put. Even in high winds and on steeply sloping sections the bags hold their position.

The materials available for the Galebreaker Silacover

Sila-Cover® 300 Material

The result of years of research and development, the Sila-Cover 300 is manufactured using 300g/m2 woven polyethylene – proven to have more than twice the strength of the knitted product of the same weight. The superior strength and toughness of the woven material provides excellent resistance to sharp and blunt objects and effectively minimises the risk of damage. The flexibility of the Sila-Cover material makes it quick and easy to install, with its hemmed non-fray edges ensuring it stays put during bad weather and moulds well to the protected silage. We have also included bag fixing loops which makes the fitting and positioning of gravel bags quick and convenient.

Want to find out more?

We know that every farm is unique and every installation of Galebreaker Agri products is different. Speak to our team to find out more and to place your customer order, by calling 01576 204 967, sending an email to sales@farmfituk.com, or by completing the form below, and our expert team will get back you so soon as they can.

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