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Collection: Mac in a Sac

A history of expertise.

A future of possibilities.

For over 25 years Mac In A Sac have been designing and refining world class packable products. Birthed out of their parent company Target Dry, with a history of expertise in waterproof textiles, the first generation Mac In A Sac was created.

From there, the product range was refined, the list of features expanded, and their market share grew. In 2010, Mac In A Sac stepped away from Target Dry to become a standalone brand.

After a rebrand in 2016, the product range expanded in 2018 to introduce a collection of RDS certified Down products. This is Mac in a Sac’s first venture into products which focus is on warmth rather than water repellency.

In 2021 their specifications are overhauled, the range relaunched and their brand evolved.