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Galebreaker Agri Door Systems

Agricultural Barn Doors

High quality, fabric-engineered door systems for all types of farm buildings.

Whether you're looking for a rapid-access door for somewhere you go regularly, or a cover for the side of your hay barn that will provide easy access but only once or twice a year, Galebreaker Agri will have the right product for you. Made from a range of tough PVC-coated polyester fabrics that provide ventilation without letting the rain through, these doors are the ideal solution for your farm.

Galebreaker Agri Door Systems


An economical agricultural barn door, the Rollerdoor is made of strong materials and provides access to the full height of an opening. Sheets are easily replaceable in the event of accidental damage, while other features include a semi-automatic locking catch, door tension system, long lasting nylon wind lockers for extra stability, a spring assisted chain driven fast operation for speed of two seconds per metre and a safety spring to meet EC regulations. A long-lasting door for farm buildings, it’s ideal for general purpose buildings, parlours, feed storage, grain storage and feed passages.

Fast opening, chain driven door – the safe, affordable alternative to large sheeted doors. Offers weather protection, whilst providing natural ventilation.  Available in standard and high performance mesh, in a range of colours.

  • Maximum width - 6m
  • Maximum Height - 5.1m

Suitable for self-fitting

A Galebreaker Agridoor installation

Galebreaker Agri Door Systems


An industry leading solution providing easy access to all types of farm buildings, the Agridoor works on either the inside or outside of buildings. Ideal as a weather protected access solution for feed storage, grain storage, feed passages, parlours and general purpose farm buildings. 

The spring assisted chain drive door system provides quick, easy operation for access to all types of buildings. The Agridoor is suitable for installing on the inside or outside of buildings, operation is from the side of fixing. Ideally suited to grain stores and bulk feed stores.

  • High speed chain drive 
  • Steel wind bars 
  • Replacement panels 
  • 140mm bottom flap included
  • Galvanised steel cowling as standard (UK only)
  • Maximum Width – 6m
  • Maximum Height – 6m

Available as manually operated with a chain drive (Agridoor Manual), an electrically operated push-button system (Agridoor Electric), and for extra-large openings up to 10m wide or 10.1m high to a maximum of 55m² (Agridoor Plus).

A Galebreaker Maxidoor installation

Galebreaker Agri Door Systems


Galebreaker Agri’s Maxidoor folding door system provides weather protection and ventilation for large openings of up to 20 metres wide. Allowing for full width access and maximum convenience, the Maxidoor is easily operated, even in high winds.

Designed for multi-purpose use, they are suitable for grain storage, feed stores, livestock buildings and general purpose agricultural buildings.

A Galebreaker Multibay installation

Galebreaker Agri Door Systems


Multibay is Galebreaker Agri’s electric, rolling agricultural barn door system, providing access, ventilation and weather protection to multiple bays in a single run.

It has a safety lutch included to meet the EC door directive, unique locking catches, and it has different fabric and colours options available to help maximise air circulation for livestock.

  • Maximum Width – 70m
  • Maximum Height – 6m

Galebreaker Agri Door Systems


Trackscreen is Galebreaker Agri’s sliding curtain barn door system, which runs on overhead tracking and provides weather protection and ventilation for farm buildings with wide openings. Allowing for the full access height to be maintained, and with an additional sliding post option available to allow access from both ends, it does not require any ground fixing and complies with EC door directive EN-13241. It is suitable for grain storage, feed stores, livestock buildings and general purpose agricultural buildings.

  • Full access height maintained
  • Additional sliding post option allows access from both ends
  • No ground fixing required
  • Maximum width - 20m
  • Maximum height - 5m

Want to find out more?

We know that every farm is unique and every installation of Galebreaker Agri products is different. Speak to our team to find out more and to place your customer order, by calling 01576 204 967, sending an email to sales@farmfituk.com, or by completing the form below, and our expert team will get back you so soon as they can.

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