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One-Way Access Finger Gates - Complete Kits

One-Way Access Finger Gates - Complete Kits

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Introducing FarmFit's One-Way Access Finger Gates

A useful addition to any automated milking parlour, One-Way Finger Gates are used to ensure cattle can only move one way through a building.

One-Way Finger Gates are ideal for creating a one-way system around a livestock building. Most commonly used at the entrance area to milking parlours, where they enable cattle to gather but don’t allow them to leave the area. They can also be used to separate feeding and sleeping areas, or as entrances/exits to buildings.

Why use One-Way Finger Gates?

Unlike regular gates which require a farm worker to operate, the livestock pass through finger gates without any external help. Also unlike regular gates, the opening movement is vertical rather than horizontal, requiring less space to operate - ideal for enclosed areas.

As each finger can be opened individually, and an animal needs only open two to pass through, they are ideal to use where livestock gather as any animal opening the gate will not disturb other animals in the area.

The “floating” design, where the gate is high off the ground also enables easy passage for workers and even easier cleaning. Made of heavy-duty galvanised steel, our rugged design has few moving parts ensuring years of trouble-free service.

Advantages for the Farmer:

  • Easy to install
  • Creates a one-way system around the livestock building
  • Unmanned; reduces labour used to move livestock
  • Simple & reliable design uses gravity to close gate
  • Floating design keeps flooring clear for easy cleaning

Advantages for the Animal:

  • Push-to-open design is easy to learn
  • Vertical opening leaves more room for livestock movement

Our One-Way Finger Gates are fully, and easily, adjustable in both gate height and finger spacing, making them adaptable for every herd.

Our standard kits come complete with all parts and fittings to quickly install your new gate. Available in three standard widths suitable for most agricultural buildings:

  • 10' (3048mm) - this gate has 9 fingers
  • 15' (4572mm) - this gate has 13 fingers
  • 20' (6096mm) - this gate has 17 fingers

With a full range of spares and extra parts also available, you can be assured that any FarmFit One-Way Access Finger Gate will both fit your space perfectly as well as give reliable service for years to come.

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More details:

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Each finger is constructed from heavy duty 60.3mm diameter galvanised steel tube with the ends angled towards the direction of travel, both encouraging cattle to pass through as intended and discouraging them from attempts to return. The fingers are capped with a welded-in-place dome, to ensure cattle comfort and prevent any ends from becoming dislodged and potentially ingested.

Tube-in-Tube Hinge

Our unique tube-in-tube hinge design is extremely robust ensuring a long service life, as well as being more resistant to side-to-side movement due to the increased width of the hinge.

Noise Reduction System

Any reduction of noise in a livestock building improves animal welfare, and our inclusion of an 8mm thick neoprene block drastically reduces noise when the fingers return to the rest position.
Held in place both mechanically and with a chemical adhesive (optional), they are permanently fixed to the finger base plate.

Training/Locking Modes

Training: in our experience it takes cattle only a few days to get used to the gates - to facilitate this, we can supply a fitting for the hinge base plate that holds the finger open at three different angles, which encourages the livestock to pass through.
Locking: if you need to lock the gate closed to prevent livestock passage, the same fitting is used with the finger in the rest position, locking the finger in place.

Floating Beam

The floating beam that supports the fingers is constructed from 150mm x 100mm galvanised steel box section, secured to the uprights with heavy-duty clamps.


Our finger gates are supplied as standard with clamps only, to attach to the already existing stanchions in your building.

Should you need posts, these can be supplied either for setting into concrete (for a brand new installation) or for bolting to an existing floor.

Finger Spacing

Our One-Way Access Finger Gates are supplied as standard with the fingers spaced 340mm center-to-center; this is suitable for the average UK dairy herd consisting of Holstein or Freisan cattle. If you keep smaller cattle, such as Jerseys,and require the fingers to be spaced closer together, a blocker or more fingers should be added - these are available here.

Gate Height

As our One-Way Access Finger Gates are clamped to the stanchions of your building, they are easily height adjustable to suit your different herds. The gate should be at a level where the livestock's shoulders make contact with the angled section of the finger, and the height adjustment is easy - simply support the gate (e.g. with a telehandler) and loosen the clamps, then raise or lower the gate to suit your herd and re-tighten the clamps.

Bespoke Installations & Spare Parts

The FarmFit One-Way Access Finger Gate has an innovative modular design, fitting a unique space is just a question of combining the correct number of fingers and blockers to suit the space and the intended direction of travel. Contact our team by calling 01576 204 963, or by emailing sales@farmfituk.com, to discuss this.

As the manufacturer of these gates, we can offer a comple range of extra elements and spare parts - from additional complete fingers to individual nuts and bolts. As the gates are modular, the installation of many of these parts takes seconds. Extra fingers and blockers can be found here - for other spare parts, contact our team by calling 01576 204 963, or by emailing sales@farmfituk.com.