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Since 2016, we have been helping our customers to maximise the efficiency and productivity of their farm

Whether by saving you time by ensuring we have stock of every day items ready for when you need them - or through our design team, working with you to ensure your layouts are perfect for you - but don't just take my word for it, here are some words from our satisfied customers:

I have to say that they have been excellent at taking projects right through from design to planning, manufacture and erecting to final completion while always listening to what the client's needs are. My next project is being thought out at the moment and the first draft drawings done. I had no hesitation in phoning to get a good quality service along with good value for money.

Drew, Farmer from Aberfeldy

We were pleased that Farmfit were happy to look at bespoke products to suit our calf shed. Using ideas we had, Farmfit created products to suit our requirements and the design of the shed. We were happy with the design and fabrication service.

The job included bespoke double racks for straw, bespoke troughs for weaned calves to feed concentrate and straw, full mesh gates, sheeted doors, concrete wall panels and Galebreaker. The finished job was of a high quality and we are happy with how the shed is functioning.

Steven, Farmer from Dalbeattie

I purchased two lamb adopters last year and was very pleased with how they worked, so I have purchased a few more this year. I have had experience of other types of lamb adopters which haven’t worked as well. I like that you can take these lamb adopters to the pen, rather than have to move a ewe and lambs

Douglas, Farmer from Lanark

We have worked with Farmfit previously on projects. An existing shed was ready to have the self-locking yokes replaced and we approached Farmfit to have these made. The previous yokes had lasted over 30 years so we based the design on them. We prefer not to have any plastic components and look for something functionally fit and robust for todays cow. After a few adjustments we are very happy with the product, it locks 100% of the time and I think they will last another 30 years. The process was very straight forward and we’d have no hesitation in using these again.

Andrew, Farmer from Castle Douglas

I am delighted with my self-locking yokes. They make life so much easier and I'm surprised how easily my cows took to them!

Robin, Farmer from Hightae

We can help you too - so contact our team to find out more and discuss your requirements with us. You can give us a call on 01576 204 963, email us at sales@farmfituk.com, or complete the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can:

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