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Galebreaker Agri Ventilation Systems

Keep your cattle cool

And your sheep, goats, poultry, horses - whatever you keep, Galebreaker offer products to help with the ventilation of your buildings, ensuring your herd is kept happy and healthy.

Galebreaker Agri offers a wide range of ventilation solutions designed to meet the specific needs of livestock buildings and promote optimal conditions for animal health and welfare. With a focus on robustness and energy efficiency, their ventilation systems deliver superior air exchange, ensuring a fresh and clean environment. Crafted from high-quality industrial-grade materials, their ventilation products are designed for easy installation and maintenance, providing a reliable and effective solution for livestock ventilation needs. Trust Galebreaker Agri for superior ventilation solutions that prioritize animal well-being and operational efficiency.

Slightly abstract shot looking along a Galebreaker VVS installation

Galebreaker Agri Ventilation Systems

Variable Ventilation System

Galebreaker Agri’s side curtain VVS (Variable Ventilation System) product is designed to be the ultimate in natural building ventilation. Providing the best of both worlds by optimising natural air flow whilst protecting livestock from the elements. Total ventilation control to continually optimise the internal environmental of your building, maximising productivity and providing the best in health and welfare.

VVS side curtain systems are powered by VentLogic technology, our automatic control systems make use of temperature, wind speed, wind direction and rain sensors to ensure that the climate within the building is continually optimised.

Suitable for buildings up to a 140m long, and also available in a variety of colours and fabrics, depending on the application of the building.

Globally renowned, Galebreaker Agri VVS side curtain systems together with our industry leading 10 year guarantee have been defining the natural ventilation sector for the last decade.

The VVS is available in four types:

Graphic showing the movement of a Galebreaker VVS Rolling system

VVS Rolling

The VVS Rolling opens from the top and rolls onto a bottom or middle rolling tube.

This system provides maximum weather protection and rainproof ventilation where the building has an overhang.

Ideal where warm air needs to be released while animals need to be protected from cold and draughts (e.g. calves, dairy cows, pigs).

Graphic showing the movement of a Galebreaker VVS Climbing system

VVS Climbing

Opens from the bottom, with the fabric on to a top or middle tube, depending on opening height.

Ideally suited to buildings with no overhang as it helps provide full weather protection.

Ideal for beef cattle and livestock that need fresh air along their backs.

Graphic showing the movement of a Galebreaker VVS Drop system

VVS Drop

The economical option, as this version uses gravity to open the curtain and it pleats at the bottom of the opening.

Ideal for Farmers who blow bedding (chopped straw, sand, wood dust) in through the open side curtain.

Graphic showing the movement of a Galebreaker VVS Shade system

VVS Shade

Curtain opens from both top and bottom, allowing airflow to be precisely directed into the building.

Fully automated options are available - more details here.

Galebreaker Agri Ventilation Systems


The VentTube range has been designed and developed in conjunction with livestock ventilation experts. Crucially, VentTubes push warm, stale out and bring in clean, fresh air.  VentTubes are custom designed to suit the needs of the livestock and requirements of the building.

Designed by experts, VentTube comprises an outside mounted fan connected to a fabric tube, which has air openings at strategic positions. This allows evenly distributed clean fresh air to exit the tube along its length. Each product is individually specified for each installation,
ensuring the suitability for your barn. The end result is rapid air exchanges per hour, year round, for optimal air circulation. Industrial-grade fabric is used to manufacture each Tube, ensuring many years of service.

The VentTube range comes in two configurations:

Graphic showing the air outflow of a Galebreaker Venttube Fresh system

VentTube Fresh

VentTube Fresh is a positive pressure tube ventilation system designed to provide a calculated supply of fresh, equally dispersed air at animal level to remove moisture, airborne pathogens, and excess heat from livestock environments.

Air exits the tube at a low velocity ensuring that the environment is fresh and clean, but without creating a draught.

Graphic showing the elements of a Galebreaker Venttube Cool system

VentTube Cool

VentTube Cool provides an all-in-one solution for reducing heat stress risk produced by poor ventilation in livestock barns and sheds. By increasing the volume and velocity of air flowing out of the tube, a chill effect can be produced.

With an innovative retraction system that hoists up the tube when not in use, VentTube Cool distributes clean, cool air over large areas and maintains optimal temperatures for both increased animal comfort and productivity.

The Galebreaker Lightridge installed on a stable block

Galebreaker Agri Ventilation Systems

Light Ridge

Designed to improve ventilation in livestock buildings by providing an exit path for warm stale air while, at the same time, improving light transmission into the building. This results in a healthier environment for animals, an increase in natural light, and significantly reduces the risk of diseases such as pneumonia, mastitis and scours.

Toughened waterproof PVC roof panels and tailored wind guide plates can withstand almost any weather conditions, and the simple design makes the Light Ridge easy to fit to new or existing buildings.

Graphic showing how the Galebreaker Lightridge helps with a building's ventilation

How it works

Tailored wind guide plates make the system ‘active’ in almost any weather conditions, and when used in conjunction with VVS, Light Ridge can help provide total ventilation control.

It creates a healthier environment for livestock with improved natural light, that reduces the risk of diseases such as pneumonia, mastitis and scours.

Can be fitted to new or existing buildings and with no fans or moving parts it needs no adjustment.

Want to find out more?

We know that every farm is unique and every installation of Galebreaker Agri products is different. Speak to our team to find out more and to place your customer order, by calling 01576 204 967, sending an email to sales@farmfituk.com, or by completing the form below, and our expert team will get back you so soon as they can.

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