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Clearance Crash Barrier Corners - 90° & 135° Inside & Outside Sections

Clearance Crash Barrier Corners - 90° & 135° Inside & Outside Sections

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Excess Stock Clearance Offer

We recently installed a new cattle handling system for a customer where the design was updated as we were building it. However, our factory didn't get the memo and now we have these crash barrier corners left over.

All made of standard 313mm high Armco-profile 3mm galvanised steel, each of these heavy duty corner sections has equal length sides, and will bolt easily and directly to any crash barrier you already have.

We have available 90° and 135° corners, both inside and outside. Some of the 135° corners even made it to site and sat in the rain so don't look shiny and new, therefore we are selling them as B-grades.

Examples of corner types:

Inside: Outside:

Further details:

Type Condition Qty Side
RRP Sale
90° Inside New 6 440mm £75 £49.50 £25.50
90° Outside New 6 455mm £75 £49.50 £25.50
135° Inside New 5 450mm £81 £55.75 £25.25
135° Inside B-grade 3 635mm £85 £53.35 £31.65
135° Outside B-grade 3 635mm £85 £53.35 £31.65

Also available is a job lot of all of them for £1192.85 - a total saving of £622.15! Contact our team on 01576 204 963 to buy the job lot.

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