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Collection: Water Products

At FarmFit, we provide a wide range of water products for livestock, including cast iron and synthetic material water bowls, double width and non-spill bowls, constant level bowls, and paddle or valve-operated bowls. Our box water troughs, circular troughs, high-back box water troughs, and stainless steel troughs cater to a variety of requirements, whether for indoor or outdoor use. We also offer tipping troughs and rapid exit troughs, both of which save time during cleaning. Our inventory also includes specific La Buvette brand water bowl parts, as well as more general parts that can be used to repair various water troughs. Our products cater to different budgets, and all are of excellent quality, with the durability to withstand heavy use. Choose from our selection of water products for livestock, and ensure that your animals have access to clean water, whatever their needs may be.

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