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Looking for something?

Whether you're looking for something huge (a concrete panel?) or something tiny (some washers?), we'll have it... somewhere!

Here, you'll find all the categories of agri products on our website, neatly laid out for you to browse through. Still can't find what you're looking for? Contact our team on 01576 204 963

For Cattle

Find our selection of products for use with cattle here - from yokes and feed barriers for use with cows, to calving units for the next generation, you'll find everything you need here.

For Sheep

Our expert design team have created a selection of products especially designed for use with sheep. From the collapsible Walk Through Feeder, ideal for splitting pens, to our Calf/Sheep Feed Barrier, with an ingenious folding base. Find them all here:

Gates, Posts, & Fittings

Whether you need a new gate for a field, a specialist panel in your barn, or just the parts to mount or repair one, we'll have the items you need.

Concrete & Building Products

Call this the very-heavy-goods section. We stock concrete panels, wall sections, and interlocking blocks for above the ground, and slurry channels for in the ground. There's roofing and guttering products, and bespoke Fabric Sidings and Doors from Galebreaker.

Water Products

We have the products you need to keep your herd hydrated. Whether you're looking for large water troughs (even ones that turn upside-down) or small bowls, we even have the parts to keep them running - but not dripping! - for years to come.


From household names (though only in the agri sector!) like Agritubel or Galebreaker, to rising stars like CWP or even ourselves, you'll find all the brands we're proud to stock in this section.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Contact our expert team!