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La Gée

Modular Interlocking Footbath

Modular Interlocking Footbath

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Interlocking cattle footbaths from La Gee are innovative solutions designed to improve hoof health in cattle. They feature a unique interlocking design that ensures stability and prevents leaks. These footbaths are made with durable materials and can be easily cleaned and maintained. The interlocking system allows for easy expansion or modification to suit various herd sizes. La Gee footbaths are designed to optimize the effectiveness of hoof treatments, helping to prevent and treat hoof diseases in cattle effectively.

  • Ideal to be used in coupled trays to separate pre-wash, pre-disinfection, and disinfection baths
  • Anti-slip tread on the bottom does not prevent the liquid from circulating
  • Beaded edges prevent slipping
  • Immersion depth sufficient to treat the entire hoof
  • Drain plug allows complete emptying
  • Wide handles on the sides for easy handling
  • Tongue and groove connections at each end of the footbath to firmly maintain the line of baths in place as the animals walk through them
  • Stackable for storage
  • The connections between the baths slow the animals down optimising product effectiveness
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