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eWeigh by iLivestock

eWeigh by iLivestock

Scotland based iLivestock team have been working closely with farmers across the world for over 10 years, so understand the unique challenges of farm data collection.Online or offline iLivestock, works everywhere you do, using the latest technology, the application is automatically backed up your data and shares it across all of your devices.iLivestock App - Livestock management in the palm of your handFarmer friendly sheep and cattle managementCompliance, breeding, medication and weight recordsConnect to EID readers and weigh indicatorsProduce herd & flock book, medication and movement reportsAvailable on iOS and Android, with no internet connection requiredAnimal Records - Keep all your animal records in one place and manage them 'on the go'.Compliance - Save time and comply with local legislation, UK users save 8 hours per month. Breeding - Capture sire information, scanning results and make notes at birth on your device.  Medication  - Scan medicine stocks into the app to automatically record stock levels and animal medications. Weight Recording  -  Enter weights manually, use Quick Record with an EID reader orweighautomatically with eWeigh. Smart Grouping - Total flexibility in group sizes, names and records. Group actions save time by recording movements, medications and other actions to multiple animals in one go. Reporting - Make use of the information you record using iLivestock's range of reports, exportable to Excel. EID Ready - iLivestock works with a number of EID readers, helping speed up recording and minimise errors.eWeigh Flexible Weighing Device - Weigh the old way or the eWeighOne stop weighing, no need to upload weights afterwardsThe only digital weighing device you'll ever needCompatible with a range of load bars and EID readersLifetime warranty with an iLivestock subscriptionDeveloped, tested and built in ScotlandThe only device you need - eWeigh grows with your business, with the features of advanced weigh indicators at an entry-level price, there is no need to buy an expensive indicator with unused functions or a simple indicator and keep upgrading.One-stop weighing & recording - Weighs and records are saved immediately, there is no need to plug the device into a computer to upload the data. iLivestock features a dedicated weighing screen with a clear weight display and options to record other animal information at the point of weighing. Works anywhere - A 24 hour battery run time and offline mode means both iLivestock and eWeigh work anywhere you do for as long as you do, backed up by a lifetime warranty for as long as your iLivestock subscription is active. 

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