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Cattle 4 Gang Slat

Cattle 4 Gang Slat

Non Slip Super Grip Finish

Spacing on slats regular and even throughout (5.55'' solid, 1.5'') 

60 Newton Concrete

20mm steel in both 12' & 13' gangs (B.S is 16mm) 

Sloping sides that angle back (clean slat) 

Good edge on slats for cutting dung

They have been approved for cow comfort mats. 

Tractor loading slats - 6 tonne complete vehicle. Call our team today to find out more and to order this product. 

Available with 711mm (2'4") width, 190.5mm (7 1/2") depth, and lengths from 2134mm (7') to 3962mm (13').

Please contact our team on 01576 204 963 or by email at to order this product.

Ordering & Delivery

As this product is made to your specification and is unique for every customer, we cannot offer it for sale on our website.

Please add it to your cart, and call our team on 01576 204 963 or email to order this product.

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