Diagonal Feed Barrier - Pedigree Range

Made with 60mm x 60mm Box Stiles
Top and Bottom 60mm Ø Tube
49mm Ø Diagonal Tubes


Reference Size Price (Tax excl.) ADD TO CART
PFB311 15' (4572mm) £213.23
PFB312 20' (6096mm) £272.37
PFB310 10' (3048mm) £159.68

Made with 50 mm x 50 mm Box Stiles
50 Ø top & bottom rails
Adjustable ends 40 Ø
Diagonal bars 40 Ø

Our pedigree diagonals are shaped to prevent ear tags from catching or ripping and it has been noted that calves are less likely to jump through our barriers due to this design feature.   They also prevent bullying within the herd while feeding as each animal can have a fixed feeding space. 

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