Diagonal Feed Barrier (with timber skirt) - Market Range

Made with 40 mm x 40mm Box Stiles
Top and Bottom 40mm x 40mm Box
40mm Ø Tubes
500mm Timber Skirt 


Reference Size Price (Tax excl.) ADD TO CART
MFB314 15' (4572mm) £267.11
MFB315 20' (6096mm) £329.29
MFB313 10' (3048mm) £207.11

Made with 50 mm x 50 mm Box Stiles
50 Ø top & bottom rails
Adjustable ends 40 Ø
Diagonal bars 40 Ø

Diagonals with timber base are made as a gate unit and they are designed to open daily with 500mm timber skirt as a complete frame. They are also hinged at one side with a gate bolt for regular opening access.

*Please note our product is designed to bolt on front face of stanchions to suit 10' , 15' and 20' centres.

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