Lamb Adopter

"I purchased two lamb adopters last year and was very pleased with how they worked, so I have purchased a few more this year. I have had experience of other types of lamb adopters which haven’t worked as well. I like that you can take these lamb adopters to the pen, rather than have to move a ewe and lambs"

D. Rennie, Lanark

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LA01 1050mm wide (including locks) x 860mm high 1 Headspace £70.00

Our Lamb Adopters fit perfectly into our interlocking hurdles.

The adopters allow you to make every lambing pen into an adoption pen in a matter of seconds and ensure the sheep's head is held securely, thus allowing you to make better use of space and time. They're lightweight and universal, so it can be easily moved between pens. Every sheep farm should have one of these!

Our Lamb Adopter has proven very popular with farmers. It easily slots in to the corner of a pen, the variable width yoke allows a snug fit on any ewe, allowing one of the most portable adopters on the market.

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