Sheeted Gates

50mm x 50mm Box Section
50mm x 50mm Flat Bar in Centre
5' High - with 4 Bars 

Structural Opening

Reference Width Structural Opening Price (Tax excl.) ADD TO CART
SG08 8' 2480mm £240.00
SG09 9' 2785mm £270.00
SG10 10' 3090mm £300.00
SG11 11' 3395mm £330.00
SG12 12' 3700mm £360.00
SG13 13' 4005mm £390.00
SG14 14' 4305mm £420.00
SG15 15' 4615mm £450.00

Our Sheeted Gates have been designed and manufactured by us to provide the best quality of gates for our customers. 

These extremely durable gates have been cleverly manufactured to allow them to be hung left or right handed without adjustment to the design. 

Part of this design also enables the gates to be flipped over so the galvanised sheets can be either inside or outside of the building.