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FarmFit Self-Locking Yokes

INTRODUCING the new FarmFit Self-Locking Yokes.

Through a process of consultation & working with our customers, our expert team have created our own range of self-locking yokes

  • 4 Headspaces

Reference Size Headspaces Price (Tax excl.) ADD TO CART
- 10ft Horizontal Barrier to Suit 3048mm 4 Headspaces £509.96
- 15ft Horizontal Barrier to Suit 4572mm 7 Headspaces £729.55
- 20ft Horizontal Barrier to Suit 6096mm 9 Headspaces £944.38

Built & designed with purpose and budget in mind, this is a simple but effect Self-Locking Yoke which has three-point position, providing an anti-strangulation release.

Tried & tested on customer farms, our FarmFit yokes are a simple and cost-effective solution. The range:

  • Is made with 80mm x 40mm bottom frame
  • Has a 60mm x 40mm top frame
  • Has a 40mm x 40mm box frame arm