CWP Concrete Prestressed Panels

Specifications available:

90mm Panels - suitable for livestock buildings

140mm Retaining Panels - best suited to grain and silage buildings.

180mm Retaining Panels - offering additional options for aggregate storage and industrial buildings.

We can supply any length up to 7m or 22.9ft.

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CWP produce a range of pre-stressed structured and non-structured wall panels.

The panels are cast in the length that you require for your building and there are a variety of heights and thicknesses available.

Why choose a Concrete Wall Panel?

The panels provide a lighter alternative to constructing your new building over a block wall for example, where expensive labour needs to be employed over a considerable period of time.

Choosing the concrete panels reduces not only your costs but is more efficient and easier to install.

All the panels are solidly constructed enabling gates, racks and cubicle frames to attached straight to the panels with rawl bolts as a permanent feature.

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