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Agritubel Self-Locking Yokes

Agritubel are the European leader in galvanised tubular cattle equipment. FarmFit are able to supply you with the full range of Agritubel Self-Locking Yokes.

Customers already using the Agritubel range of Self Locking Yokes do so due to the impressive strength of the equipment and the safety measures incorporated in the design to benefit both the herd and the farmer.

It has been proven through years of research of regions commonly utilising headlocks that they can provide a number of benefits, mainly by providing a safer and more efficient working environment for all.

We offer 3 kinds of Self-Locking Yokes to suit all ages and breeds of animals from Long Pedigree Bulls to calves, and even goats.

Agritubel Yokes have many advantages over other equipment:

  • They allow for less traumatic handling of cows since they are in familiar surroundings
  • Cows eat a proper ration while being handled
  • Minimized risk of mixing cows into wrong groups
  • Large numbers of cows can be restrained for examination, injections, breeding, etc.
  • Artificial Insemination results are improved through the use of headlocks
  • Reduced number of workers required for handling cattle as there is no need for a run into a separate building as the yokes act as the handling facility.
  • Reduced Vet bills due to easier and quicker working times with each animal
  • Safer and more efficient working environment for all

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