FarmFit Gates

After many years of research, development and listening to our customers, we created a range of stronger, higher and more durable gates to ensure your livestock are protected for years to come. 

  • Designed with stronger hinges
  • Range of sizes for all situations
  • Offering an extra level of safety and security from the herd and any pushing or jumping 
  • Recommended for frequent opening and fully extendable to cater for all sizes
  • Market Range & Pedigree Range products available

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  • Range: Market Range
  • from £145.64

    Extendable 5 Bar Gates - Market Range

    Made with 50mm x 50mm Box Stiles 

    40 mm and 50mm Ø Tubes

    29 Ø Stiffeners

    All extendable gates can also be ordered as fixed panels upon request.

    2, 3 & 4 Bar versions also available.

  • from £209.68

    Extendable 5 Bar Panel with Water Bowl Attachment - Market Range

    Our panels with water bowl cut out will give you the flexibility to enable water drinkers to be positioned between two pens.

    Made with 50mm x 50mm Box Stiles.

    34mm Ø and 40mm Ø Tubes.

    Attachments can be sold individually if required. 

    All extendable gates can be ordered as fixed panels upon request.

    2, 3 & 4 Bar versions also available.

  • from £119.00

    Portable Cattle Hurdle

    6 rail portable cattle hurdle with lugs at both ends to allow coupling rod fastening to other hurdles or portable cattle handling equipment. (Coupling Rods Supplied Separately) 

    • 3010mm long x 1750 mm high
    • 40mm x 20mm end post 
    • 42mm top and bottom rails
    • 33mm intermediate rails
  • from £83.66

    Field Gates

    • Made with 40mm x 40mm box stiles
    • 40mm intermediate ø tubes top & bottom
    • 30mm x 4mm double-sided flat bar
    • Supplied with gate bolt and 2 eye bolts
    • Higher than average, at 1.2m high
    • Other sizes available on request
  • from £12.43

    Coupling Rod

    • Suitable for both calf and lambing pens.
    • This product is very beneficial during lambing time.
    • Made from 4mm wire mesh.
    • 75mm spacing.
    • All joints to be welded.