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Galebreaker Agri

Galebreaker Agri

Galebreaker Agri are a manufacturer and supplier of high quality ventilation systems and weather protection products to the farming industry, specialising in livestock buildings. FarmFit are able to supply you with a range of Galebreaker products including Clip-on, Ventilation Control, Silage Covers and Fixed Systems. 

Galebreaker have been based in the UK for over 30 years and have a clear understanding of animal welfare and ventilation requirements in order to improve the indoor environment for both animals and farm workers alike. 

Ventilation Control Systems: Systems specifically designed to control airflow to optimise ventilation for livestock welfare. Manual or fully automated control systems available. 

Clip-on Systems: The quick, effective way to ventilate your buildings. The ready to install panels use ratchets and hooks for fast installation. 

Silage Covers & Fixed System: Galebreakers range of silage covers and off the roll materials. 

Contact our team to hear more about the range of Galebreaker that we offer. 01576 205 905. 

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